The I.R.S. and the ‘cash rich’ Tibetan lamas in the United States

Tibetan teachers historically prefer cash for the Lamaist teachings, seminars, retreats, empowerments and private appointments they give to their students and the public while in America (as they do in India, Nepal and Sikkim). Large cash amounts are given to these Tibetan teachers as ‘donations,’ by every single one of the Tibetan-based organizations across America, to the American-born, European and non-citizen Tibetan teachers these organizations continually host. These cash payments to individuals have never been, and are still not, reported as income to the Internal Revenue Service by the Americans teaching Tibetan Buddhism or the visiting Tibetans.

Tibetan ‘churches’ and organizations have been collecting unreported merchandise income from students and the public for many years, for mandatory items including texts and text holders for the teachings, rituals and empowerments, books, photographs, metal and wooden statues of Tibetan Buddhist idols – large and small, malas (strings of beads used to count mantras), thangkas (paintings on fabric of deities and demons of Tibetan Buddhism) and ritual items for altars and rituals (butter lamps, offering cups, drums, incense), text holders, clothing, prayer blankets, cushions, and many other items.

These ritual items are mandatory to own, they are required paraphernalia for students to possess to participate in the teachings, rituals, empowerments and retreats given in Tibetan ‘Buddhism.” Although Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ teaches striving for emptiness as the ultimate process to enlightenment, students are taught that they must have these items to perform the rituals, and they will gain greater merit if they purchase them from their teacher. Many Tibetan ‘lamas’ and ‘rinpoches’ will get angry at their students if they buy these items from other teachers or from stores. Those with money will spend thousands and thousands of dollars to ‘trick out’ their altars, homes, clothing and cars. The more elaborate the altar, the more the ‘devoted’ the practitioner.

  • Unrelated Business Taxable IncomeUBTIUnrelated business taxable income (UBTI) is income regularly generated by a tax-exempt entity by means of taxable activities. This income is not related to the main function of the entity, but is needed to generate a small portion of income.

All tax-exempt organizations, even churches, must report unrelated business income that does not further the message of the church to the state they reside in, and to the IRS. To not report it is a crime, which is punishable by hefty fines and/or jail time. Many Tibetan centers that turned themselves into ‘churches’ have been selling for decades these ritual items, clothing, thangkas, books, beads, malas, candles, offering bowls, etc. and they do not report this unrelated business taxable income to the state or the federal government. The ‘churches’ tax identification numbers can easily be found, doing a search for their names on The IRS form to report this is 13909 if someone has first hand knowledge of these crimes, and wants to report them.

If you fear retaliation or retribution for reporting these crimes, you can ask that your identity not be disclosed.

The tax-exempt 501 (C) (3) ‘churches’ set up by Tibetan Lamaists, Tibetans and Westerners, rake in billions of tax-exempt American dollars in ‘donations’, and the individual Tibetan lamas in these organizations grow wealthier and wealthier.

  • Tibetan Lamaism is a guru-worshiping cult based on a medieval sacerdotal Tantra culture of mind-control and sexual abuse, with countless demons, deities and spirits (sorcery) that uses a veneer of Buddhism to fool the public. There is nothing remotely resembling the Buddhism of Siddhārtha Gautama in Tibetan Lamaism, and the teachings of Tibetan Lamaism do not promote love, compassion and altruism, in fact, Lamaism is in reality Hindu Tantric guru-worship which morphed over the centuries into institutionalized sexual abuse of women and little boys in the lamaseries.

Tibetan lamas rarely use their own money for their activities, and instead persuade their students, donors and the public that donating to them and to their ‘churches’ will bring merit to the donors, bring blessings and help to liberate sentient beings. But Tibetan lamas don’t believe in interfering in the ‘karma’ of others, in this lifetime or in ‘future lifetimes,’ and although they solicit money donations for sponsoring pujas and rituals for specific outcomes  – Green Tara for protection, removal of obstacles and recovering from disease, White Tara for long life, Medicine Buddha for the sick and dying to purify and heal on all levels, Mahakala to protect ‘Dharma’ practitioners and remove obstacles to ‘Dharma’ practice  –  since their belief is that you are stuck with your ‘bad karma’ in this lifetime, and probably your subsequent lifetimes, you are throwing your money away.

It’s all about the money. And power. And control. And ‘enlightenment’ through Tantric sexual practices for the higher ranking males (has any Western woman or Tibetan woman claimed to have reached ‘enlightenment’ through having ‘willing’ or unwilling sex with Tibetan lamas?). The Tibetan lamas decades ago found a legal way to have their American students support them, by abusing the tax-exempt organization entities, to establish their harmful practices in the West.

Millions of dollars in cash donations Tibetan lamas receive have been tucked away, not deposited into the organization’s bank accounts, but taken overseas to their lamaseries (Tibetan monasteries) and stored away. When Tibetan and Western lamas are invited to give teachings, empowerments and retreats at other lama’s Tibetan centers, they are presented at the end of the events with offerings of large amounts of cash, wrapped in katas (thin silk scarves), usually during a concluding ‘mandala’ offering ceremony.

With the explosion of women, men and children reporting their horrific experiences in this trauma-based mind-control cult, it is time to expose to the world the harm done by these anachronistic men in crimson robes, and re-examine whether their organizations really deserve the non-profit status.


Mailing address:

IRS EO Classification, Mail Code 4910DAL, 1100 Commerce Street, Dallas, TX 75242-1198, I.R.S. Form 13909

  • The ‘churches’, if investigated by the IRS,and/or the state they reside in, must prove that they did not receive income from unrelated businesses, such as selling the required ritual items to their students and to the public.

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