My Response to this Meme Making People Angry at God for Harm Done to Children…

A friend of a friend on a social media site shared this meme by someone else, without comment, on her page. Holy Spirit urged me to respond, quickly and powerfully:

Thank you for posting this meme. I understand deeply why this person created this meme, and why you posted it. If I may comment on it? Please understand my comments are not against you, and your beliefs, it is because the subject of child harm is a wound to my soul. This meme was created to make people angry at God, for the horrific harm done to innocents. It wasn’t created to inspire people to action. Raising awareness among your family, friends, loved ones and the greater communities is a place to start. I’ll go first, here:

Many people are indeed taking action to save the innocents, but many in all walks of life are covering up the crimes of their friends, family and loved ones.

Why are these crimes still happening to such a great extent? Several reasons that I can tell. There is very little condemnation and consequences for most people who commit these crimes (for example: Jeffrey Epstein). And there has been a concerted effort for decades to ‘normalize’ it. Consider Hollywood and the recent scandal about James Gunn, the former director for the Guardians of the Galaxy. Did you hear about this? For many, many years James Gunn had tweeted out THOUSANDS of absolutely graphic tweets about abusing children and infants. Supposed ‘jokes.’ But jokes about this subject are not really jokes. Even after these tweets were made public, he did not delete them. I saw these tweets, and they are indeed gut-and-heart-wrenching.

Many people were rightfully outraged and called for him to face consequences. I believe that where there are ‘jokes’ like this there is reality behind them. Because of a huge effort by many on Twitter and other social media sites, he was fired by Disney. BUT. Hundreds of actors and actresses came to his defense, as did most of the media, downplaying the horror of his tweets and ‘normalizing’ his behavior.

Did you see the tweet of a tattoo on an actor’s arm of a graphic abuse of an infant? I did. He subsequently covered it over to be an animal, as though that is supposed to be more acceptable?

Sarah Silverman did a video with Patton Oswald, driving a van with children in it, openly driving them to be abused by someone. I’ve seen this video also, and it is indeed disturbing. Although many on social media came after her with a vengeance, there has been very little condemnation toward her or Patton, and no consequences.

There are many more stories about famous people, protected and with no consequences. Isaac Asimov’s son, David, got a slap on his wrist for his horrific crimes, by prosecutors. The list goes on…

How else is this crime being normalized? Did you know that the revered Beat poet Allen Ginsberg was a member of NAMBLA? Did you know that NAMBLA was one of the first organizations to create the Gay Pride Parades?

A biographer of another revered writer, William Burroughs, wrote about Burroughs’ proclivity for ‘rent boys,’ portraying it as just a normal part of Burroughs’ personality. Do you know what a ‘rent boy’ is? A homeless underage boy.

There are YouTube videos of people giving lectures via TED talks, claiming that pedophilia is a normal sexual urge, and not to be treated as a perversion.

Did you know that MAPs are trying to get acceptance in the LGBTQ community? They want the acronym to be LGBTQMAP. A MAP is a ‘minor attracted person.’

Along with the burgeoning awareness of these crimes in the Catholic Church, and in the other Christian denominations, are you aware that these crimes are, and have been, occurring in other ‘religions’?

There is a tremendous amount of child harm in India. Children have no rights in India, especially the lower castes. Rape of children is widespread, with almost no consequences. Do you know there are still eunuchs in India? They were made eunuchs as children. I saw several when I was on a train in India in 2006. And although the laws are being changed, it is not fast enough and in some parts of the country they ignore the laws anyway. It is part of their culture, and culture runs deep. Where are the Hindu gods to protect these children? Why aren’t you asking, why don’t the Hindu gods intervene?

There is also tremendous harm in Afghanistan, and Syria. Have you heard the term ‘chai boy’? You can google it. A brave Green Beret was court-martialed a few years ago, for beating the crap out of an Afghan military police captain. Why did he beat the man, when the military police in Afghanistan were our allies? The Afghan police captain kept a 12-year old boy chained up and raped him repeatedly. This, unfortunately, is a common activity. Here’s a link to the story in the New York Times:

Since these children and their rapists are not Christians or Jews, and God (Yahuwah) isn’t recognized in this religion, where is the god of these boys? Why is this god silent when these children are being horrifically abused? Why aren’t you asking, why isn’t this god intervening to stop the harm? I cannot name this religion, as currently it is forbidden by many to criticize it in any way. But the abuse happens, nonetheless, to the innocents.

Perhaps you are not aware of the rampant sexual abuse of children in various Buddhist communities, Thai, Burmese, Tibetan, Zen and others. Many people are ignorant of the fact that children are abused in the monasteries of Tibetan Buddhism. It is not a secret, but those who know about it look the other way. Why?

Kalo Rinpoche, a young Tibetan man who gave up his Shangkpa-Kagyu lineage, put up a YouTube video on the rapes and beatings he was subjected to as a young man by his teachers. I knew Kalo as a very young child when I was immersed in this mind-control cult. And I now know this type of behavior occurs to many young boys in all the monasteries.

The ancient texts of Tibetan Buddhism, which is based on the Tantric practices of Hinduism, teaches that specialized sexual practices will help the lamas achieve higher states of consciousness (but only for men, women have to be reborn as men in order to be able to achieve enlightenment). The ancient texts say girls 11 to 13 are preferable for these practices. Many lamas today practice this, with young girls. Again, this is known by many, but as Tibetan lamas are revered as ‘holy wise men,’ it is not considered a crime.

Several years ago, I read a nonfiction biography of a fifteenth century Portuguese sea captain, based on his journals as he traveled the oceans to open up channels for trade. He lived in Japan for a couple of years, and he wrote about the Japanese Buddhist priests and their abuse of the young boys given to their care in the monasteries. I was horrified as I read this. This was before I did so much research on this crime, and discovered how widespread it is, in all cultures.

So, where is Buddha while these children are being harmed? Is he silent also? Why aren’t you asking, why aren’t the followers of Buddha intervening? Or is God (Yahuwah) alone to be held accountable for the crimes of Buddhists as well?

I am asking in all sincerity, as this problem is not just a Christian, or Catholic one. It is a Hindu problem, a Middle East problem, a Buddhist problem, it is a human problem. It is worldwide and centuries long (even in the Bible, God did come against it, see Leviticus 18:21, for one example).

It will only be stopped when good people, righteous people, finally rise up as one unfaltering body, and continuously shine the light on this, and mete out uncompromising severe consequences for these crimes (to the rich, famous, ‘eccentric’ and beloved as well as the poor). It must be stopped, and the children must be saved.

(Interestingly enough, this person chose to not reply to my post. She did, however, subsequently post a meme of a quote from Thich Nhat Hanh about Buddhism not being a religion. How brave.)

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