More Vajrayana (Lamaist) Mind-Control Doublespeak to Create Cognitive Dissonance, Confusion and Self-Doubt

Make no mistake, no matter what the Tibetan Lamaists and their co-opted Western students say or write (which are deflections from the truth), that the abuse Western and Tibetan women, men and children experience is their fault, or is not true (No right, no wrong, no good, no bad!), the truth is that the underlying cause of the harm done to Westerners (and Tibetans) by Lamaists is the fanatical adherence to the harmful foundational ‘guru/disciple,’ ‘guru-yoga,’ ‘guru-worshipping,’ relationship in Lamaism. This teacher/student relationship is unique to Lamaism.

This ‘guru-yoga’ fanaticism is intended to create unquestioning subservience in the students, so that they believe that all actions (good or evil) of their ‘higher-realized being’ ‘god-king’ teachers are enlightened, and are for the students’ (and the world’s) highest good. And to prevent the students from exposing the bad actions of their teachers, they are taught that the punishment for ‘breaking samaya’ (unbreakable vows) to their teacher and revealing the truth to others is to be thrust into a Vajra hell a million times worse than any hell they could imagine, and this hell is spelled out in great detail in the Lamaist texts – ‘sadhanas’ – which these students are supposed to chant millions of times (in phonetic Tibetan with English translations just below on the pages), along with the mantra “May I always obey my master and never reveal the secrets of Vajrayana, or may I be relegated to the hell realms for all eternity.’)

The following ancient opinion is taught, to this day, to all Western students of Lamaism:

  • “There is no greater Dharma practice than obeying one’s teacher. The benefits are immense. On the other hand, to disobey him, even a little, is an extremely grave fault.” Patrul ‘Rinpoche’ 1808-1887.

So, although all of the words spoken or written by Lamaists appear to address and ‘discuss’ the growing voices exposing the crimes of the Lamaists, these apologists are willfully leaving out the real reason why these Lamaists had harmed, and are continuing to harm, their students.

It is because the Lamaists use well-honed, effective, mind-control techniques on their Western students, and with the ‘guru-yoga’ they teach that one must see these self-appointed Tibetan ‘god-kings’ as more perfect and more generous than the Buddha himself, and incapable of making mistakes.

The narrative of ‘blaming the weak Western minds’ is well-entrenched and trotted out frequently by Lamaists (Western and Tibetan), and they blame ‘ignorance’ or ‘misinterpretation’ for the criminal acts of the Lamaists and their Western defenders. As an example of this mind-bending, a ‘teaching’ by a Western woman who calls herself Venerable Thubten Chodron, who founded and runs a Tibetan Lamaist center near Spokane, Washington, is featured in a recent blogpost. It appears from her words that she is blaming the victims for being deceived, ensnared and lied to by Tibetan Lamaists.

  • “Venerable Thubten Chodron was a student of Lama Yeshe and Lama Zopa and shows particular sensitivity to various Western misinterpretations of Tantra.”

The sentence above frames the narrative, and is intended to cause cognitive dissonance in the minds of the Western readers. Oh, the mysteries of the inscrutable Asian ‘religions’, unknowable to untrained (and even trained!) Western minds. Anything in Vajrayana Lamaism (‘Buddhism’), or the actions of Lamaists, that strikes Western minds as harmful, criminal, unethical, illegal, oppressive, sociopathic, misogynistic, abusive, or pedophilic, is only a ‘MISINTERPRETATION’!

This is purposeful mind-bending deception.

In order to explain how a ‘superior’ mind can have two opposing thoughts (seeing one’s teachers as ‘faultless’ in meditation, and then supposedly ‘scolding’ them in reality), this Western woman says:

  • “He [the Dalai Lama] could put two things together in his mind in a non-contradictory way.”

In apparent obfuscation, Thubten continues:

  • The Dharma way and the practical way need not contradict. However, Ven Chodron continues, we tend to fall into an extreme of romanticisation or demonization with teachers in ways similar to personal relationships. This, she suggests, is also what happens when especially Western students are introduced to Tantra too soon, misunderstanding Samaya and stories such as those of Naropa and Tilopa, and so on.
  • …if a lama gets sick (or makes a mistake) we can simply see them as manifesting a sickness so that we can generate the good karma (or merit) of taking them to the hospital – or correcting their apparent mistake. This helps us to escape the tendencies to see inherent existence in a teacher’s comments – seeing him as a Buddha and thus thinking his words/deeds must all be perfect; or being overly literal when we’re taught to see the Buddha-nature in a teacher or other beings.
  • The trick is seeing both sides, both truths.

Except, that’s not what the Lamaists really want, they most certainly do not accept corrections of their ‘apparent mistakes.’ This Western defender either has misinterpreted the Vajrayana teachings herself, or is deliberately teaching them incorrectly, to confuse Western and Tibetan minds. Ethnic Tibetan Lamaists (especially the recent odd proliferation of thousands of Tibetan mopnastery-raised ‘tulkus,’) and quite a few Western practitioners, do not believe they make mistakes, ever, and they do expect their students to see them as ‘perfect.’

  • Next, in the second video, she discusses our cultural tendency to idolize teachers (as we do movie stars and athletes). This, she warns, “can reduce our critical analysis.”

It is true, many Westerners do idolize Lamaists, but it is because they are taught to do this by the Lamaists themselves: in the mantras they chant every day, in the ancient texts and writings, by the example of the older members of the sanghas, and by the demand of the teachers (just try NOT prostrating to your Lamaist teacher, see what happens!). Today, there are many ‘rock-star’ Tibetan tulkus traveling the world (Chogyam Trungpa was the first one, then Sogyal), gathering money, students and influence, and expecting exalted treatment from their students.

When the ‘previous’ Kalu ‘Rinpoche’ first started teaching Western students, in India in the late 1960’s, and in America in the 1970’s, the Western students reportedly were shockingly affectionate and informal toward him, rubbing his head, sitting close to him at his feet, and treating him as a pet* rather than with the stiff respect and subservience supposedly due him as a ‘highly-realized being.’ (*As told to us by Lodu Kimshul -‘ Lama’ Lodu, of Kagyu Droden Kunchab.) This would never happen to any Tibetan Lamaist ‘tulku’ or any other Lamaist teacher, Tibetan or Western, today.

  • Thubten then reiterates our responsibility to question teachings that are or seem contradictory to basic Buddhist ethics.

But this is further obfuscation, as Tibetan Lamaism has very little to do with Buddhism and Buddhist ethics:

  • Lamaism is a guru-worshipping cult based on a medieval sacerdotal Tantra (from Hinduism) culture of mind-control and sexual abuse, with countless demons, deities, ghosts, and spirits from the indigenous Tibetan Bön sorcery, that uses a veneer of Buddhism to fool the public. Trauma-based mind control is the root of their teachings, which many Lamaists do not deny, and which cannot be separated from their false ‘Buddhism,’ and has very little in common with the Buddhism of Siddhārtha Gautama. Buddha certainly didn’t teach his followers to worship demons, or ‘god-kings’, in fact idolatry and sacerdotalism was expressly condemned by Buddha.

Time to wake up, world. Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ is not what you have been taught to believe it is.


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