Concept Blindness – the inability to see one or another aspect of an idea, a theory, a way of life or another’s opinion

Concept Blindness – What is it?

Let’s bring in color blindness here, to help explain concept blindness.

How do you explain to another person the felt-sensations of the powerful, transformative experiences that Yahuwah, and the Holy Spirit, has given us? How do you explain the felt-sensation of the presence of God within you?  It is similar to trying to explain the color red to a color-blind person, with all of the emotions, sounds, sensations, smells, textures, and myriad of shades of the color red. 

Color blindness is the inability to see some colors or to perceive color differences – which helps to illustrate the difficulty some people have with concept blindness.

For a person who is color blind to the color red, he or she must take it on faith that the color red exists. But because almost everyone else in the world can see red, and red is such an important part of the reality of humankind, the colorblind don’t disbelieve that red does in fact exist.

We can’t give the colorblind person context for red, or give them a felt sensation of red, or teach them to feel all of the emotions that all of the shades of red bring up in the rest of the population, no matter how hard we may try to explain red to them.

We can, though, try to give people with concept blindness an understanding of the reality of God’s love. It only takes a shift in perceptions and beliefs.

Concept blindness is a metaphor for the inability to see one or another aspect of something, whether it be an idea, a theory, a way of life or another’s opinion. With concept blindness there is fierce opposition to accepting the possibility of other aspects of ideas, beliefs or theories, and positive progress (spiritual, scientific, philosophical or practical) is hindered by this, to the detriment of humankind. 

Now, there are people who are so rigid and uncompromising in their thinking that they truly believe that their beliefs and opinions are the only ones that are valid, and won’t allow anything that contradicts their beliefs to go unchallenged, and they mock and shame others who hold divergent views. For some of these recalcitrants, their brains may have developed through their lives to such an extent that the neuronal connections, and synapses, wired themselves into clusters of beliefs that reject everything that threatens their belief system.

Surgeons understand that every human body is different, that human anatomy varies from individual to individual. When they perform surgery they know that organs, and other parts of the body, will not necessarily be where they are expected to be, there may be unexpected extra things inside the body, or there may be things missing that are in other people’s bodies, or the organs may be completely reversed.

And every person’s brain is a unique and beautiful structure, and there are some people were born without the brain structure that allows them to experience supernatural phenomena. So they believe the supernatural does not exist, and many are quite vociferous about insisting everyone follow their belief system.

But for those who have been blessed with the eyes to see, the ears to hear, and the heart to believe, they can shift their perception to see what might be hidden.

  • I have always said that I am more than willing to adjust my self-righteousness, and when I am confronted with irrefutable information that contradicts what I had believed to be true, I can incorporate this new information into my belief system and shift into a higher awareness.

To show how to shift your perception, on a visual level at least, take a look at the cube illustration. We can perceive the two-dimensional figure below as a three-dimensional cube, with the back of the cube on the top and the right side, or with the back of the cube on the bottom and the left side. There are at least two ways to do this, and the switch between the two is called a ‘Gestalt shift’. It is not a voluntary shift, although one can try to bring it about. If you fix your eyes first on the corners a and only glance at ba appears in front and b behind, and vice versa.

A Gestalt shift is the visual experience of seeing something, visually or mentally, first one way and then another way. The shift is actually more like a snap; it is not gradual but instant; and it may shift back despite our unwillingness for it to do so.  But once you have understood something on more than one level, it is impossible to shift back to the old way of thinking. 

Gestalt is a German word for ‘shape’ or ‘form’ in English. A ‘form shift’ is an involuntary perceptual jump from one shape, form, pattern to another, e.g. from the top-right as back of the cube to the bottom left as back of the cube. By ‘Gestalt shift’ we mean seeing a single pattern now as this, now as that, this is an involuntary visual shift from first one “aspect” (form/shape) to then another “aspect” (form/shape) without the pattern itself changing: all that changes is our perception of the pattern.

Consider quieting your mind, and opening your heart to receive a shift in perception about God, and what He wants for the world, and for you. He is crying out to His children to turn from idolatry, and turn to Him.

  • The inability to hear the voice of Yahuwah in your heart is not a valid excuse for denying His existence.


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