Are Tibetan Lamaists Aiding and Abetting Known Pedophiles – in America, Europe, and around the world?

We do not write these posts for retaliation, or retribution, but rather, because God has placed this responsibility in our hearts, to reveal the truth of Lamaism (known to the world as ‘Tibetan Buddhism’ to the world), so that the harm and deception will come to an end.

  • Many Tibetan Lamaists truly believe they are above the laws, and common decency, of the countries that have embraced them. This belief comes from the mind-bending centuries-old teachings of Tibetan Lamaism, which has convinced these ‘god-kings’ that their actions are above human understanding or judgement, that reality is an illusion, and that there is ‘no right, no wrong, no good, no bad,’ and they have convinced their Western followers of these untruths.

The molestation, rape, and harm, of children, in the United States, and in other countries, is more widespread than people want to understand. Many American parents were paid off to keep them quiet, but it is the children who pay the biggest price: the loss of their innocence, the betrayal by someone in authority, their parents accepting money for the harm of their children, and a lifetime of trauma, distrust, and pain. But the time for the public ignoring the obvious is over. The #MeToo movement is bringing to light the horrendous harm done to women, men and children in the United States, for decades, and people are waking up to the depth of the psychological, physical and sexual harm rampant in our society.

And, now it is time to be on the right side of history, and open your eyes, and your mind, and see the truth of what is being done in our country, to those of your loved ones who were ‘spiritual seekers,’ who bought the lies of love, compassion, wisdom, kindness, of the Tibetan lamas: your mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, etc. and were ensnared in a mind-control cult. It is time for the public to learn of the the spiritual, ritual, psychological, physical and sexual harm to our beloved people. I’m sure most people know someone who is a student of a Tibetan lama, or is studying ‘mindfulness meditation’ with a Western student of a Tibetan lama.

  • If you experienced harm, as a child or as an adult, at the hands of a Vajrayana practitioner, Tibetan or Westerner, please know that we believe you, and if you feel comfortable, please contact us, and add your voice to the growing movement to expose the truth, diminish their influence, and stop the harm, once and for all. You may remain unnamed, if you wish, we will not use your name without your express permission.


The following is an excerpt from our book, ‘Exposing Deeds of Darkness:’

Mind Control and Manipulation 

It was the end of the worst six weeks of our lives (February 2006). Donald and I were beyond weary as we, Lodu Kimshul (‘Lama’ Lodu of Kagyu Droden Kunchab, San Francisco, California), and the two people left of the unruly group of 16 spiritual seekers we had been put in charge of, landed in Bangkok from Delhi. We were looking forward to relaxing in beautiful Bangkok, and were anxious to get to the hotel.

No such luck, though.

Coming out of customs, we lost track of the two travelers, a father and his twelve year old son. Since we were still holding onto some remnant of the responsibility that was given to us in front of the group by Kimshul, in San Francisco, just before we boarded the plane six week earlier, we waited for these two so that we could all travel together to the hotel. We looked everywhere, walking up and down the airport, but we could not find them. We asked security several times if they knew anything, but they just shook their heads.

After an hour, we found them coming out of security. Apparently, going through customs, the father was asked by a customs agent how much money he had brought with him to spend in Thailand (I guess Thais want to make sure no deadbeats come into their country), and when he stated to them, somewhat hysterically, that he had no money, he spent all his money in India and his wife wouldn’t send him anymore, they took him into security, with his son, and held them until they discovered he actually had a credit card in his wallet.

Kimshul had told us at the Delhi airport that he had been invited to stay at the apartment of one of his students (a man who had moved from the United States to Bangkok), while the rest of us stayed in a hotel recommended by the ex-pat student.

He told us the man’s name, but we thought no more of it at the time. The ex-pat student met us at the airport, gave the name of the hotel to our taxi driver, and then got into a taxi with Kimshul to go to his apartment.

When we finally got to the hotel, and as we blearily looked around the lobby, we noticed that it was full of sleazy looking men. It was only after we’d gotten some sleep that we figured out that it was a hotel frequented by pedophiles.

  • We saw young Thai boys hanging out in the lobby, and walking up and down the stairs with the older Western men. We realized with a shock that the ex-pat student Kimshul was staying with in Bangkok, as we remembered his name, was someone who had fled the United States after being accused of pedophilia with the young son of a fellow student. This man had been running one of KDK’s satellite centers in New Mexico (not Arizona, as I had previously reported) and after he fled, it took Kimshul quite a while to find another student to run that Center.

In that hotel room, in Bangkok, we remembered being told about this man in a Board meeting several years before (in 2002?), while we were still Board members of Kimshul’s Center. We did not have a sense at that meeting that Kimshul had condemnation toward this man, in fact, Kimshul told the Board that he had invited the man to stay at the Center’s retreat land in northern California. At this Board meeting, as Board members, we expressed our concern about the legal ramifications if the Center harbored a fugitive from the law, but we were ignored. We found out later, by chance, that this man stayed at the retreat land for several months before he fled to Bangkok.

  • We were appalled that Kimshul would put us in the company of a criminal, a pedophile, even for a moment; and further, that he let this man put us, and a twelve year old boy, in that hotel that was frequented by pedophiles, with no thought for the safety of the young boy in our group.

This was just further proof of the psychological abuse Kimshul inflicted on his students. During the previous six weeks, starting in the group meeting held late at night at the Center in San Francisco, before we all left for the departure airport, Donald and I did our very best to be the leaders the group needed, and we had certainly had plenty of experience as effective leaders. It was, as one of the group later said to us, like herding cats.

And every effort we made, including packing the group’s extreme amount of suitcases and bags onto buses and trains, gathering dollars from the group for Kimshul to exchange for rupees on the black market, handling medical emergencies, counseling the ones having emotional overwhelms, making sure everyone had hotel rooms, etc., had elicited baffling criticism and anger from Kimshul.

We didn’t take much notice at the time, because we are good-hearted people and expect the same from others, but our group started treating us with disrespect and disbelief, small things at first, and greater towards the end. We realized later that Kimshul had been turning the group against us, manipulating their emotions and beliefs to see us as the bad guys, and love him even more, as the ‘good one.’

In Bangkok, the father of the twelve year old boy, who was clueless about the hotel being a pedophile hangout, but out of money, called his wife and asked her to change their flight home, and they left for the United States the next day.

This experience is one example of the cognitive dissonance that happens under mind-control and manipulation, not being able to speak up, or act, in the face of wrong morals and ethics. The core of who we are would never tolerate such reprehensible behavior by others, and in our right minds we would have fled that hotel, and insisted that the father find another hotel immediately. We can only say that we were stunned, bewildered and traumatized by the previous six weeks of unrelenting abuse, heaped upon us by Kimshul, then after a while by some of the other travelers, and by the grinding, hard travel in third-world trains, buses, low-cost hotel accommodations and bare rooms and cold water in run-down monasteries as we traveled through India, Sikkim and Nepal.


Not included in our book: A formerly-wealthy man, a truly wounded soul who came to us for help after he had given his well-known Tibetan teacher, of a well-known Tibetan center in Northern California, his beautiful home and most of his money, and was then kicked out of the center and the sangha by the Tibetan teacher (and made an outcast by his long-time ‘friends’ in the sangha), told us that this Tibetan teacher’s adult son raped the young son of Western sangha members. Our friend told us the Tibetan teacher’s son was never arrested, and the parents were silenced with a large payoff. This was, our friend told us, not the first time for the Tibetan teacher’s adult son.

  • Reality is not an illusion, as the Tibetan lamas have been trying to convince us for decades. Real harm, to real people, has been done, and their experiences discounted by the lie of ‘no good, no bad, no right, no wrong.’ No more.








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