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Tired of the usual tropes and labels I decided to make my answer to a commentator a Post: The Land Baron’s and Wife’s Green New Deal

Chris Chandler’s blogpost:

Dear James:

Thank you for your comment. No, I do not dismiss people who have a genuine question about where I am coming from and why. Thank you for asking. And not just leave it at the ‘conspiracy theory’ trope that is always the bashing job done to people who think outside the mass media box and try to connect the dots.

The Green New Deal is intimately connected with Tibetan Lamas ( who are intimately connected with China’s Communist Government’ United Front Work Department of the CPC),  the Mindfulness Movement, Tiny Houses, the end of fossil fuels, the end of national sovereignty and national boundaries. It is the attempt to create Regions out of Nations who are under the eventual World Government of the United Nations.  This has been the plan of a vocal and influential constituency in the United Nations since Woodrow Wilson, Vice President Henry Wallace,  and Alice Bailey days.  The latter two Theosophists, who believed in channeling Tibetan Lamas for advice. Now their lineage incarnations physically go to these occult priests for counsel.

Like Nancy Pelosi. Head of the Democratic Majority,  again. She is getting advice from a medieval dictator, the Dalai Lama, who kept slaves and consults a Mongolian diety-possessed oracle for every major decision. While he pretends for the easily duped, New Left academics,  that he is a ‘scientist’ and believes in scientific inquiry.

This is so everyone thinks his mindfulness has been ‘scientifically’ studied.

Tim Ryan, another Democratic prevaricator is pretending to run as a Moderate Liberal.  He hangs out with Tsoknyi Rinpoche and they attend Progressive Globalist events together. He is a big part of the Green New Deal and Mindfulness. He wrote a book called Mindless, oops I mean “Mindfulness Nation.” He has that same ‘deer in the headlight’ look that Sam Harris and other long-term mindfulness meditators get who hang out with Tibetan Lamas.  He says he is running for President to compete with China when his Mindfulness Movement is intimately connected with China’s ‘soft power’ in our country. Are these people just stupid? Or are they now the Manchurian Candidates for China?

The many soft-science professionals, who are pseudo-scientists taught not to believe in facts by their guru Lamas,  get lots of government grants to ‘prove’ the ubiquitous benefits of  Mindfulness. Like those same ‘scientist types’ that do fear-mongering about Climate Change.  They, too, get lots of government grants.  To ‘prove’ the dangers of Climate Change and the benefits of Mindfulness to solve all human problems. The panacea for all our human ills.  The Green New Deal and Mindfulness are intimately connected as our new, World Secular Religion based on a World Buddhism that the Buddha never taught but China is behind.

Now you have ordinary liberals and the professional class, who were targeted first with this conflation of Mindfulness and EcoBuddhism,  acting more like cult members.  Espousing liberal values but acting like Maoist/ Stalinists over Climate Change; their new Secular Cult Religion.

This is exactly what was happening in Crestone, for the years I lived there, right after 9/11 when our whole country was in shock.  This is all about keeping up the constant ‘shock and awe’ and fear mongering to scare people into terrible ideas. Crestone was the model created by New Age Spiritualists and their Eastern cult affiliations and  Hanne and the late Maurice Strong.  Now we have Fanatic, Green New Deal Left Ecofascists infiltrating the Democratic majority in our House of Representatives.

This is not a  conspiracy  “theory”;  It is based on my ten-years experience of dealing with facts on the ground in Crestone, Colorado: the Cult City of  Tibetan Lamas, Collectivist Leftists,  Cult Gurus, New Age Spiritualists who are gathered and conspire to push their agenda through cultural infiltration at a local and State level, and now politically at the Federal level. Some of these World citizen cult groups  have United Nations ‘consultative status’ to create a Syncretic World Religion as the underpinnings of this Green New Deal.

Hanne Strong is the wife of the late Maurice Strong, father of the non profit scam to finance the Green New Deal  and herself has a  Motherlode role in the folie a deux couplet,  who together spearheaded the Progressive Utopian Green New Deal through United Nations Agenda 21 ( now Agenda 2030) implemented by this late Under-Secretary, Strong. Until it got derailed by his involvement in the Oil For Food Scandal at the U.N. and Maurice had to hightail to China, where he was greeted with open arms and given a fabulous send-off by the Communist Chinese for being their most important change agent in the West. Hanne’s part was the  ‘religiosity” behind the ‘science’ of the Green New Deal:

My experience in moving from a Progressive, one-time subscriber to the New Left Review, one-time believer in Climate Change, and then  a witness to the Spiritual Alliance in CRESTONE, where the Utopian Progressive elite have played with the heads of its citizens,  for thirty years, experimenting with their Eastern Guru-captured minds heavily influenced by Tibetan Lamaism, since Hanne Strong is a devotee of  Tibetan Lamaism and  gave her favorite celebrity Lamas and New Age Cult groups free land to ‘do their thing.’  With one condition: that they believed in Climate Change, the United Nations as World Government, and the slow destruction of American Democracy.

I also thought, when under the spell of the Tibetan Lamas in Crestone, that it would be a good idea to give up our cars, to return most of the land to the animals that roamed the earth,  and believed that human-made, catastrophic pollution was causing the End of the World. I would have been totally on board with this  Green New Deal,  and that the United States would be better off going back to a semi-feudal existence. Being a western Tibetan Buddhist is being in two cults today: The Lamaist cult and the Green New Deal cult. They merged together in neo-feudal Crestone,  and from their spread out.

Because that is what the Green New Deal means: a neo-feudal world and the end of civilization as we know it. That is the plan. But first, these Utopians have to divide us as a Country,  destroy the Constitutional foundations of our representative democracies of free people and traditional Semitic religions (the same plan in the Dalai Lama’s ancient Kalachakra Wheel of Destruction)  and marginalize the deplorable  ‘affluent middle class.’  Meaning those who weren’t at a high enough ‘vibration level’ of groupthink as the luminaries of this Plan.

What the Strongs and their wealthy  Malthusian pals meant by ‘affluent’ was making more than 600 dollars a month. This was also according to Tsoknyi Rinpoche’s advice, a very popular Lama in Crestone, now getting white envelopes filled with Yuan in China to add to the million or so he has collected in the West. Doing his part to spread his amoral Tantra to cause more chaos around the world by creating more fanatic devotees to the Mindfulness cause.  The same Lama, by the way,  that is now on Sam Harris’,  the fake Atheist’s,  Podcasts. Or I should say, the Dalai Lama’s Podcasts, through his change agent, Sam Harris.

This is a Malthusian plan of the craziest of the Progressive wealthy elite,  that has nothing to do with the environment. Nothing. That is why Patrick Moore, co-founder of Greenpeace, said this Green New Deal would be the end of civilization.   I would imagine he witnessed Hanne and Maurice Strong, hijack the real environmental movement he started.

What is happening in Crestone, Colorado was the New Green Deal’s trial balloon.

While the wealthy non-profits and cult new age  ‘churches,’  in a twenty-five cult-  “Spiritual Alliance” in Crestone were taking up to 60 million dollars in tax-free donations, annually, out of the San Luis Valley’s Saguache County, Colorado,  much of it dirt poor, with a sparse population, while living off the taxes of the ordinary people.  Just like Tibet. That is what the Lamas do; they are a kleptocracy that duplicates itself, and eventually their Tantric influence everywhere to help ‘pacify a population’ that needs to be controlled. They came to the West with a thousand-year history of success.

The San Luis Valley is where Crestone, Colorado planted its flag and their Tibetan Lama, the Chinese Communist  Karmapa,  stakes his own  Dream Flag at his  ‘Eye of the Land’ Stupa. This stupa overlooks the poorest group of Counties in Colorado;  with Crestone having the highest mill levy taxes, comparable to Aspen Colorado. But with no services for these taxes. Like Old Tibet.

This Valley is now plagued by an Opioid Crisis that has one of the highest death rate overdoses in Colorado.

Yes, the Mindfulness vibes that meditators in Crestone are sending out from their spiritual bubbles. all over the valley,  have been helping a lot in turning this Valley into one of the first to go under the Green New Deal and its neo-feudal ambitions.

These Tibetan Lamas were always in the mix of the Green New Deal, since Hanne Strong is herself a cult devotee of Tibetan Lamaism and, like Robert Thurman, would like to see us return to being under the religious dictatorship of a Tantric Chakravartin, like the Dalai Lama, or her 17th  Chinese Karmapa. 

The Left Progressives reached a peak of protection by a corrupt C.I.A.  under  President Obama ( his mother’s SUBUD World Religion Cult is in Crestone)  and were prominently in charge, behind the scenes,  when I lived there. Ten years later they are trying to implement across our Nation  the same lunatic plans they were promoting in Crestone. Their ties to wealthy Progressive billionaires, BIG Tech Business, Major Public Relations firms, Censor Big Media, and the Chamber of Commerce are only now coming to light. Thanks to that great actress who rehearsed for her part at Silicon Valley, and got it:  Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.  They figured her Millenial generation has been brainwashed enough to be fooled by someone who looked and talked like her. Looks like they might be right. I still have hope they are not.

AOC is supported by  George Soros (who also supports the Dalai Lama) and his Far Left projects;  BIG TECH Silicon Valley millionaires, who are trying to control free speech, take away our guns, supports open borders to depress wages, and create chaos and discord to eventually end our national sovereignty. ( I would never want women to not have access to guns for protection;  as rapes and sexual abuse increase! ).

My 180-degree change, from Progressive to ex-Progressive and ex-Tibetan Buddhist, came  from my experience in Crestone Colorado;  since I was intimately involved with the overarching hierarchy of the Tibetan Lama cabal and the Strong’s Agenda 21 (now Agenda 2030) simultaneously.

Agenda 2030 goes by the ‘Green New Deal’ label to keep Millennials happy, making it sound like a ‘for the people’ deal, when it is anything but; and,  knowing what  it was like to live in the fulcrum of this plan for our future,  U.N. World Citizenship Utopia?   I am here tell you,  that it is not a good idea. The people proposing these things are not sane. They are fanatic Utopians who are filled with hubris and are bullies if they don’t get their way. We  been here before. Anti-semitism is the same red flag.

The whole town did MINDFULNESS; the most popular form of meditation, created by Shambhala’s Tantric Madman, coked up and drunk to cope with his Big Con, and then incorporated with the Kamikaze Zen meditation of Jon Kabat Zinn whose father, Howard Zinn’s American history book we all read;  as part of our indoctrination to hate our own country.  Lefties, all of them. Jon Kabat Zinn is now a devotee of the Dalai Lama and brought Zen along for the Mindfulness ride.  Next,  this two-stream Mindfulness incorporated the Theravada strain of the violent  Wirathu’s lineage, who is hacking Muslims to death:  brought from Burma by Sharon Salzberg and Joseph Goldstein,  who love the Tibetan Lamas, and now are part of the Dalai Lama’s Mind and Life Institute ; the merged Three Stream Buddhism with the Green New Deal.  Jeff Zuckerberg is on Board. The Princes of England are on board. Most of Hollywood Goebbels is on board. So is Hanne Strong’s  Chinese Government’s Eco-Karmapa These Lamas all work together and are supported by the New Eco-Spiritualized Corporatism of Big Tech, Big Censorship of Free Speech, BIG MIND.

As they all imagine what a great thing a  Future World Buddhism would be. As it makes people so passive and easily controlled when under the State. Think Pol Pot, or Imperial Japan, Bhutan, or, shudder, Old Tibet.   But since they all lie about their ancient lineage histories, they are calling this Three-Stream Buddhism based on Warlords and Gurus: ‘Secular Spirituality’ to bring final peace to the world. Even though it is the farthest thing from peace,  secularity, and freedom of religion as you could imagine.  It is Pandora’s Box without any hope of closing it, again.

So, now you have a perfect storm. Mindfulness concocted from three, warmongering  Buddhist streams;  done too much.  In groups. That seems so wonderful, at first; such a relaxing modality, at first. But, soon, it makes people less compassionate, over time; more narrow; more obscured and narcissistic; more fanatic, more compartmentalized in their thinking;  less able to discriminate between common sense right and wrong;  and stupid. While thinking they are very smart: the smartest in the room.  Stupid people always do.  They will see themselves as the most morally superior and compassionate of all others. They will begin to solidify ‘the other’ while believing they are becoming free of solid concepts.

They will be unable to reason or have the empathy and awareness to actually listen and consider other points of view. They will become religiously fanatic about their positions and see everyone as the enemy who doesn’t agree with them. They will be filled with rage and hate towards others but always point the finger (project these tendencies) at everyone else doing these things. They will be blinded to their own behaviors, and their fundamentalist views while believing they are becoming kinder and more open with each meditation session.

Because that is the point of it all: to make the West blinded, divided and stupid, and unable to see the danger. Whether it is in the form of sexually abusive and corrupt guru Lamas,  lying and sexually abusive politicians, or a political idea that would send us all back to 1230 A.D.

Mindfulness is what allowed all the sexual abuse in these Tibetan Buddhists groups of Rigpa and Shambhala to continue.  Where people don’t judge anything anymore, except people who don’t think just like them. They are the ENEMIES.  That’s what Tantra does. It comes from a Warlord culture, after all.

With the whole town of Crestone, Colorado, the experiment for the Green New Deal, a sanctuary city for every nut-job and criminal, no police force, and now letting ‘break-the-law” transgenders end-run the laws. The two lesbian friends I had, who were helping try to stop this theft from the citizens and a plan to tax Crestone into Old Tibet, had to do so in secret for fear of being attacked, themselves and ostracized by their LGBTQ groups who were a big presence in Crestone; one more targeted group to be duped. Thanks to sexually abusive-enabling western Tibetan nuns like Pema Chodron and her affiliation with k .d. Lang. Lang must have been seduced at a very down period in her career.

So, anyone who thought for themselves, in Crestone, Land of the Lamas and Lunacy and the Green New Deal, or said anything that didn’t conform to the party line of hating Western democracy, traditional religions, Christianity, Judaism, and wasn’t in favor of Collectivism, or overturning Federal, State and Local U.S. Law to push this Agenda 2030?   They were a ‘deplorable’ and could be threatened, then physically, even run off the road, which happened to my husband with his guide dog for the blind. That’s what this mindfulness compassion eventually creates.

Because that is the plan, to tax the middle-class to death. Out of existence. Caput.

In the Green New Deal, Tibet is the role model, because of Hanne Strong and her late Chinese- Communist- loving Land Baron husband, and their Malthusian plan for those not part of the wealthy one percent. No cars, no ability to travel anymore, subsistence living. All fine if you are doing a Tibetan Lamaist retreat for life. Which we did for six months in Crestone.  Everyone in Crestone is on this plan for the future, whether they know it or not.  Those who figure out what is going on, start fleeing or disappear and sexual abuse trickles down from those Lamaist and Hindu guru center in Crestone: 

Missing Saguache County
boy found in Utah
In June, an AMBER Alert was issued for a 12-year-old Crestone boy, later located with his suspected abductor, David Freeman, 60, of Crestone, at a reservoir near the town of Panguitch, Utah.
According to a Channel 31 KDVR/Denver report, a campground manager near the reservoir, Tom Adams, called law enforcement after a stranger showed up at his office in a pickup. The man said he had encountered both Freeman and the juvenile crouched in the dirt and dressed in nothing but sneakers on a nearby dirt road.
Freeman was charged with first-degree felony kidnapping and lewdness. He was later transported back to the Saguache County Jail to face charges of felony kidnapping and sexual misconduct.
Freeman recently escaped from the jail but was recaptured several hours later. Center Post Dispatch.

Reisinger case
revived by podcast
Fox News KDVR from Denver came to Crestone in November to search for the body of missing Crestone woman Kristal Reisinger, seeking out clues in a maze of caves near the tiny mountain town where she was last seen alive. Reisinger, 29, disappeared July 13, 2016 after reportedly attending a drum circle ceremony.
Atlanta filmmaker Payne Lindsey of Tenderfoot TV ran a podcast series on Reisinger’s disappearance this summer, interviewing Saguache Sheriff Dan Warwick during one of the podcasts. Some 17 million listeners have downloaded the podcast, KDVR reported in its November broadcast.
Podcast interviews and talk around the community has led some to believe Reisinger’s body was hidden in a mine by an acquaintance. The KDVR news crew used a database from the Colorado Division of Reclamation, Mining, and Safety to search out abandoned mines, checking to see if they had been secured as they are required to be by law or whether they were accessible to the public. Some they found unsecured; others could not be entered legally.
The crew checked over 40 locations out of 62 provided by the database, but decided the others were too remote and not likely to have been accessible to someone trying to hide a body. The news team also took a cadaver dog named Chance to search the last spot Reisinger was seen alive — the “drum circle’ outside Crestone. The dog appeared to pick up no scent.
The Denver investigative team used GoPro cameras and other equipment to probe deep into the caves and physically searched inside them where possible, but no clues were found.
Warwick reported recently that information from the podcasts and other sources has turned up new leads. He says he hopes to have more information to report on Reisinger’s disappearance in the near future.  Center Post Dispatch,

By: Valley Publising – Updated: 3 months ago Posted Jan 4, 2019

Sexually Abusive Gurus,  Sexually abusive and Groping  Progressive Politicians,  Spiritual Alliance of Cult Religions,  World Buddhism, Chinese Communist Tibetan Lamas, UFOs, Pink Pyramids to reach an Avatar from outer space, all part of the Green New Deal mix.

My final disillusionment with Tibetan Buddhism, all of it, was because I watched as ALL the Tibetan Lamas in Crestone, in their comfortable retreat centers, and their sixth houses,  glorify the Chinese Communist 17th Karmapa,  promoted as the Eco-Karmapa and fool a whole town into believing the Tibetan Lamas were victims  and humble avatars,  instead of Machiavellian perpetrators of a massive Spiritualized Con.

Once free of these influences, I stopped hating my own country as the evilest place on earth, as I  was programmed to do since the ‘60s, and realized how absolutely insane it was to do so, and how terribly ungrateful and stupid to embrace dictatorships and countries that hate women. Yes, HATE and FEAR Women.  And want to nail all women down.

Yet, these are the countries that the Progressives and Left now embrace. I started seeing the parallels between what was happening here and had happened in Germany. Progressives, now and then had Margaret Sanders, Planned Parenthood’s hero,  a Malthusian and Eugenicist. Particularly since the Green New Deal is about population control and not the Environment. The Environmental movement was hijacked according to the founder of Greenpeace. 

I started reading the material I would never have touched before, like real scholars on Tibetan Lamaism, and Agenda 21, that we were all told was a ‘conspiracy theory’ invented by fundamental Christians ( although it is Progressive Christians, on board along, with our New Left Pope Francis and the Marxist Dalai Lama, of course).

I started to read the history of the Progressive Movement in the United States and Europe, and started asking who were these Progressives? What were their real ties with Big Business (and now Big Tech/Financial monopolies) and how they used regulations not to help people against industrial sins, but to curb competition so that they could create monopolies and cartels and prevent a middle-class from economically thriving.

I watched how Big Media was in collusion with Lamas and their western inner circles, to make a billion dollar commodity out of Mindfulness as a product,  that I knew had made a whole town crazy, and now ignoring pedophilia, sexual abuse, political corruption, and were easily persuaded by just politically correct rhetoric tropes, memes, and outright lies and untruths. Everyone was marching to the same drum. Attacking verbally and physically anyone who did not agree absolutely with the New Age Cult Religious Green New Deal.

We were now in an Eco-Fascist nightmare pretending it was all about Peace, Love, and Compassion;  and openness; feminism; and more equality for everyone. When, in fact, these were Fascist elitists, the backstage of the Progressive Movement since the turn of the twentieth century. Allied with Big Monopolies, Big Corporate Businesses, and Globalism, but pretending to be ‘for the people.’

Since I was still for the people and had to speak the truth to what I had found out, I started dusting off my reasoning abilities, and the ability to read and study things I had ignored as ‘right-wing conspiracy theories’ before.

The only conspiracy theorist-mongers are the no-longer Democratic party and their Left Progressive bunch’s turn into insanity and constant conspiracy theory Yellow Tabloid news.  Progressives: Left or Right (they have infiltrated into both parties) the Party of the Welfare State and War Party. Who cannot even entertain debate in a reasonable way or entertain anyone who doesn’t think just like them.

Just like all the western Tibetan Buddhists, I used to hang with.

I am still predictably attacked by the ‘non-judgmental’ fundamentalist Mindfulness Buddhists  as a ‘conspiracy theorist’; ‘as mentally ill’ and ‘dangerous’ ; a ‘right-wing Christian’; even though I avoid all institutionalized religion but I don’t hate Christians anymore,  like  fake atheist, Sam Harris  does;  a Tibetan Lamaist and Dalai Lama devotee.  I can appreciate again,  my liberal, Judeo-Christian based, Western Canon education that believed in Reason, ethics and western values.

I am  not called a “Chinese Communist plant” anymore. Not now that the Progressive party thinks Tibetan Lamaism and its collusion with Communist China is just fine. So do all of those third-wave Feminists who think a sexual remark is worse than a  former Vice President’s perverted groping, or a former President’s rape and blow-jobs in the Office. They have no problem with cults they hang with who illegally keep harems and grooming young girls, or commit honor killings and genital mutilations, if done by religious groups now part of the ‘Democratic’ Far Left Congress.

Sam Harris, the fake atheist, by the way, is featuring these two fundamentalist Lama tricksters, the  Chinese-approved  Lamas, Mingyur and Tsoknyi, on his Podcasts: his guru, the  Dalai Lama’s podcast, in fact. Two Lamas who came and messed with Shambhala devotees minds to keep us in line during the Regent’s negligent homicide(s).

Talking to Tibetan Buddhists, i.e. those who refuse to see Lamaism as the problem, or see the big picture,  gives me little hope for those who stay in this guru-worshiping cult after what has recently been revealed about  Sogyal Rinpoche, Tsoknyi and Mingyur’s best friend and pal,  and their partner-in-crime, the Sakyong.

Successful  Mindfulness Lobotomies, sad to say.

They still believe there are ‘enlightened vajra masters’ amongst these medieval actors.  It is the enablers of this misogynistic feudal system, like these, who keep the Lamas in business.

As for China and the Tibetan Lamas taking over the World? Do I believe that? Of course not. One is a volatile economy,  with a fire to put out among their own people. The other lost their own country because of their abominable greed and selfishness,  and,  once their Tibetans are free of the Lamas and the Dalai Lama is dead? The Lamas are done.

They have done their damage with the Western Tibetan Buddhists who can’t tell a rock from a cloud, and are their change agents left behind; their Manchurian Candidates with their Mindfulness centers and apps. Mission accomplished, they think.


And, I spoke too soon. James was not able to have a reasonable conversation and took to emailing me personally to continue the ad-hominem attacks. They can’t help it. He even threw in a Trump Country ‘deplorable’ Trope. That is now added to the ‘fundamentalist Christian’, ‘mentally ill’, ‘conspiracy theorist’ attacks. These people have no idea how predictable and conforming they are, after the conspiracy they should have been paying attention to has destroyed their free thought and reasonable good sense.

That is what, as one commentator remarked: “let’s sit for five minutes” does to a reasoning mind,  done a million times, every time cognitive dissonance arises.

Meanwhile, the Progressive Left’s darling, Rachel Maddow, is still ‘conspiracy-mongering’ over Russian interference in our elections. And Progressive  #MeTooers are excusing every rape and groping if done by one of their own. “No problem,” they say.

Christine Chandler

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