The abuse and rottenness of Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ is system-wide and rooted deeply

Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ (Lamaism) is a mind-control cult. It is a sociopathic ‘religion.’ The abuse and rottenness is system-wide, rooted deeply in the sacerdotal Tibetan Lamaism which long ago incorporated aspects of Bön (the indigenous animistic/shamanic religion of the region of Tibet), Buddhism, Hinduism, ritual magic, black magic, sorcery and witchcraft. Lamas of all lineages engage in this abusive behavior.

This blog post debunks the victim blaming, including self-blame, guilt and shame, of the women and men who are revealing the mental, physical, sexual and spiritual abuse they suffered at the hands of Tibetan lamas. Some even call it cultic brainwashing, from a sociopathic ‘religion’.

Many more people, mostly women, are now coming forth about the abuse they have experienced, for decades sometimes, by the Tibetan lamas who were/are their teachers. Mental, physical and sexual abuse, rape even, of the vulnerable, of those who trusted these men. The Tibetan lamas Sogyal ‘Rinpoche’ and ‘Sakyong Mipham’ are only the most well-known.

There are so many more lamas that have not been exposed yet.

But the floodgates have burst open, and the truth is now being told, more and more abusive lamas are being named, and the victims are now believed.

Previously, those few women brave enough to tell their stories were mocked, shamed, had their lives threatened, were accused of having weak minds, misunderstanding the ‘higher’ teachings, and even of being insane.

The lamas had circled the wagons, and they’ve had their lackey Western students give teachings (Pema Chodron for one) and write books attacking the women, they very kindly explain to us the horrors awaiting those who turn against their teacher, of ‘breaking samaya’ to the ‘beloved’ self-proclaimed ‘god-king’ who has only the most compassionate, enlightened love for his students. These dissemblers proclaimed loudly that anything and everything the men in crimson robes do is for the benefit of their students, and as an extension, for all sentient beings. Recent defenses, by Tibetan lamas, of the criminal activity of Tibetan lamas includes that they are above the laws of the countries which have altruistically taken them in, even if they commit murder they should not pay the consequences in courts of law.

  • Samaya is a supposed “bond of loyalty”, and a key tenet of Tibetan Lamaism. Students are taught that breaking samaya with your teacher will subject them to lifetimes of horrific torture in the hell realm, with no hope of ever attaining rebirth in a higher realm.   

What would convince sensible Western men and women to take a vow of unbreakable loyalty to a Tibetan lama, which is supposed to bind you forever to him or her, and agree to serve this person for all of their (supposed billions of) reincarnated ‘lifetimes’ as a subservient student? And accept that the abuse they receive –  physical, sexual, psychological and spiritual  – is doled out to them by self-appointed ‘god-kings’ to help them reach enlightenment (but only after those billions of reincarnations!) And that they should rejoice that they have this rare and precious opportunity to be horrifically abused by Tibetans?

The truth is their false ‘Buddhism’ has very little in common with the Buddhism of Siddhārtha Gautama. Buddha certainly didn’t teach his followers to worship demons, or ‘god-kings’, in fact idolatry and sacerdotalism was expressly condemned by Buddha.

Why do many victims, who find the strength to leave, accept the lie that they are to blame for the treatment they received but do not understand that it is Vajrayana itself that is rotten? Many still embrace what they believe is Buddhism, which they learned from Tibetan teachings, and they do not denounce Tibetan Lamaism, they still accept the tenets and possibly still chant the mantras and do the (mind-bending) rituals of Vajrayana.

Tibetan Lamaism is like an apple that looks beautiful, fresh and desirable, but is unexpectedly, and forever, rotten at the core.

And why aren’t people comfortable discussing the truth of what the Lamaists are doing to get their victims compliant, techniques of mind-control, flattery then shaming, thought-and-emotion projections?

Tibetan Lamaists use mind control and ritual magic. Yes, magic, and it is, in fact, black magic. But pragmatic Westerners, even after long years of practicing the rituals taught to them by the lamaists, do not believe that the rituals actually do anything that impacts and changes matter in space and time, instead they believe that the rituals are intended for the individuals to ‘develop their minds,’ ‘cultivate compassion,’ ‘meditate towards enlightenment,’ ‘purify their karma,’ and joyfully serve ‘holy men.’ This is what the public is told, also, about the benefits of practicing Vajrayana Lamaism.

While the stories are being reported, worldwide now, of the criminal activities of Sogyal ‘Rinpoche,’ ‘Sakyong Mipham,’ and a few others, very few people are attributing the abusive nature of these ‘god-kings’ (Sakyong, surprise!, means ‘king’), to Vajrayana ‘Buddhism’ itself, the myth that these are a ‘few bad apples’ who are corrupting the ‘pure’ teachings of Tibetan ‘Buddhism’.

But the problems in Lamaism are so much deeper than a few predatory men in crimson robes acting inappropriately. It is system-wide, rooted deeply in the sacerdotal Tibetan Lamaism which long ago incorporated aspects of Bön (the indigenous animistic/shamanic religion of the region of Tibet), Buddhism, Hinduism, ritual magic, black magic, sorcery and witchcraft. Don’t be fooled by their robes and deceptively gentle manner, Lamas of all lineages engage in this abusive behavior. And it is a myth that the lamas are monks, and therefore celibate, this a useful tool for subterfuge, a deception that allows the public to disbelieve the truth that Tibetan lamas prey upon the women around them.

  • A recent tweet by @SogyalTruth: “There are reports of rape in multiple countries – by which I mean women saying, “I was raped”. Over 90% of reported rapes are “unproven” in the legal sense. Most rape goes unreported. That does not mean the rapes didn’t happen.”
  • Unbelievably, Mary Finnegan, an author and former journalist, Mary Finnigan‏ @FinniganMary Jul 26 responded: “Be careful re rape accusations. Not proven. Mostly consensual sex with coercion as factor in some instances.”
  • I responded to Mary’s tweet: How would you know these were ‘consensual’? Were you a witness to all the rapes you are claiming were consensual? 1000s? – #ConeBeckham said he wanted evidence proving @KaluRinpocheLA was raped repeatedly as a child by his teachers #Really?? 4 siddhis.
  • And: Confessions of Kalu Rinpoche – As a child raped repeatedly by his teachers. Not consensual. Now, if Tibetan lamas feel free to violate a young man in their charge (& it is common in monasteries) why do you believe that these Western women are willing participants?

For those of you who were fortunate enough to leave Vajrayana lamaism, and for those who are still ensnared (but reading this!), and for the general public who attended some empowerments, what did you think you were participating in? How did the:

  • chanting millions of mantras
  • meditate for hours, days, months, years
  • visualizing complex dimensions replete with demons
  • sleep deprivation at events and retreats
  • participating in the many pujas (rituals) that are in a foreign language, with warlike ritual items
  • consuming of dutsi, tsok, tormas and wine in skull cups (human and otherwise)

change your brain, change your belief systems, make you do things you later realized were immoral and unethical, and believe their lies?

The consumables: dutsi, tsok, torma (handshaped buckwheat meal offerings), milk tea, can be made of many things, and are. Dutsi are sometimes made with the spittle, urine or feces of ‘highly realized beings (humans)’ as ‘blessings’ for those consuming them. It is also very possible these items include psychotropics as well.

  • Tibetan medicine (herbal pharmacology) has a history of more than 2500 years, and is distinct from traditional Chinese medicine. The herbal pharmacology of Tibet, as in China, has always included poisonous plants, as the toxins in these plants were found to have pain-relieving and healing properties. But these poisons were also used by Tibetan clergy to get rid of political and spiritual foes.
  • The shamans of early Tibet were of the Bön tradition, and they mixed Bön shamanic ritual with medicine to heal people. But those Bön shamans, and later the ‘Lamaist’ clergy, also became proficient in Tibetan ethnobotany and knew all of the toxic effects on the brain and body of the poisonous plants; how much of each poison would result in short-term afflictions, long-term afflictions and death.
  • The untimely deaths of the Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Dalai Lamas are widely attributed to poisoning. A disgruntled regent of the Thirteenth Dalai Lama, Norbu Tsering, was said to have enlisted the sorcerer Nyagtrül in an attempt to assassinate this Dalai Lama.

Thought and Emotion Projection for Manipulation is Real

No longer in the realm of science fiction, fantasy or imagination, influencing others through thought and emotion projection has been confirmed by physicists and scientists.

  • Niels Bohr, University of Copenhagen physicist and Nobel Prize winner, confirmed that matter is like a beam of light. Physicist Louis de Broglie, another Nobel Prize winner and author of de Broglie hypothesis, demonstrated that all matter is electromagnetic fields/wave of energy. Thoughts and emotions are waves of electromagnetic energy, and when directed at a target (person/persons to control) are effective ways to manipulate and control vulnerable minds. Add in the hypnotic music played live during the rituals, the chanting of thousands of mantras in a foreign language, meditation (quieting the mind) led by the lamas, heavy smoke from incense, and sleep deprivation (in longer ceremonies and retreats), it’s no wonder people become brainwashed.

It is NOT about the Westerners consenting to what the lamas want from them, and then later regretting their actions and claiming they were victimized. Those who understand mind control cults will see exactly why these people get ensnared, and do things that in their right minds they would never consider doing.

Although many people will struggle to understand this, we are targeted by these lamas, we are seen as resources, and they use their mind control techniques to get what they want from us, they pacify us, and then subjugate us, and keep us or discard us, at their whim.

And they do their lamaist rituals that send their dark intentions into time and space to harm those they perceive as their enemies, students who have left, fellow lamas, politicians, academics, in fact anyone and everything they claim are ‘dharma destroyers.’

What do the lamaists want? Hidden beneath their message of compassion, altruism, world peace, and working for the benefit of all sentient beings, is their overwhelming desire for money, sex, land, and influence. And especially from women, because it is the Tantra sex that they crave on their twisted path to (false) enlightenment. Many, many Tibetan lamas are involved in Tantra sex, with their female followers. Some lamas prefer underage girls. And Tantra, although from Hinduism, is the foundation of Tibetan Lamaism.

  • How much money, over the decades, have Westerners ‘donated’ –  mostly cash – to Tibetan lamas? Billions.

The reality of the Four Siddhis

What is the process the lamaists use to accomplish their goals? Let’s discuss the four siddhis of Tibetan Lamaism, shall we?

Because Westerners are pragmatic, reasonable, compassionate, altruistic people, their thoughts and emotions must be manipulated in order to accept the twisted teachings of the false sociopathic ‘religion’ of Tibetan Lamaism. First lie to be believed is that Tibetan Lamaism is Buddhism. It is not. In fact, there is really very little in Lamaism that can be described as Buddhism.

The foundation of all Tibetan Buddhist rituals are the four siddhis (attainments), which are:

  • ‘Pacification’ (for perceived enemies and to control their deities)
  • ‘Subjugation’ (for perceived enemies, deities, hungry ghosts, etc.)
  • ‘Increase’ (for their powers and reach)
  • ‘Wrath’ (destruction and death)

These siddhis have outer, inner, secret, hidden, buried, concealed and most secret aspects to them. And all Vajrayana mantras have seed syllables, and each syllable has its own signature color, sound, element and function:

  • Om, white, element, pacifying, pituitary gland
  • Ah, red, fire, subjugating
  • Hung, Black and blue, water, wrath
  • Ma, green, action
  • Ni, Yellow, earth, increase

When the syllables are chanted, these sounds create the energy and function to manifest in the physical realm for the intended outcomes. The ‘seeds’ of the seed syllables are intended to take root where they are sent. Mantras can be short, three syllables, or very long, hundreds of syllables.

  • Pacification is the action of reducing to a submissive state
  • Subjugation is the action of bringing someone or something under domination or control
  • Increase is to become progressively greater (as in size, amount, number, or intensity)
  • Wrath is the destruction of all that the lamaists consider threatening to them

The control of a student, or a target, starts from the very first meeting. Thought projection. Smile (certain smiles are mind control techniques). Handshake (also used to manipulate the target). Presumed intimacy, making subject feel special and above the rest of the sangha (group of students), and above the unenlightened public. Being told that finding Vajrayana Buddhism and studying under a Tibetan lama is a rare and special privilege, so you have the ‘good karma’ necessary for this, you must have been their student in a previous life.

The lamaists use cognitive dissonance very professionally. After praise and attention, a carefully constructed negative remark made by the lama, and you go into a panic, “What did I do wrong? What did I say wrong? I must examine myself, my thoughts, my actions, my words, everything I’ve done must have been wrong, if ‘my lama’ criticized me! But he only has my highest good in his mind at all times, so I am at fault.”

We are debunking all the Tibetan lamas and Tibetan Lamaism.

How many people have said, “I have important work to do with the Tibetans.”? How many people have heard others say this? It is a thought-projection by a lama, or someone being used by the lamas, to influence others.

  • I would ask you to examine very carefully your thoughts, beliefs and opinions. Are they truly yours, or were they planted in your mind from external sources?

God bless you all.


9 thoughts on “The abuse and rottenness of Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ is system-wide and rooted deeply

  1. Johan says:

    The abuse through siddhi is real, a tibetean Lama, Ringu Tulku destroyed my whole life and health. Because noone in the west knows that and how it works, noone can help me. Beware of tibetean buddhists, dont trust them. They are lying constantely, and the Dalai Lama is fake. They are trying to implement a terror state which will surpress all healthy, normal beings. Sorry for my poor english.

  2. Frankie says:

    HI, I just wanted to share what happened to me. I took the Kalachakra initiation in Australia in 2000 when I was in my mid – twenties. I followed the practice and didn’t break any vows for about 16 years. I was on the verge of becoming a nun.
    About a year after the initiation, I began to have visualisations og the Dalai Lama that were very strong. I did not know anything about mind control at this time and stupidly assumed the Lamas had my best intentions at heart.
    Then I received a very nasty experience on the inner planes where my lower abdomen was cut across with a dagger by the Dalai Lama. I thought it was a bad dream. This was followed by bad visuals of monks attacking me with black light. This was ongoing so I decided to reject these heartless adversaries. I had a very bad feeling about them and what was behind them….i.e. not the forces of light. They were positively reptilian.
    Cue 18 years later and I had a giant tumour removed from my uterus along with my uterus.I had never had a problem with my reproductive organs before. I know it was from what happened on the inner planes with what the Dalai Lama did.
    I remember reading that the lamas didn’t believe that it was possible for a woman to receive enlightenment in a female body.This is a lie. I know of many female who are more powerful that these failed magicians. I think hatred of women runs deep with these sorcerers. I just wish I knew this before I got involved with them. I really regret it.
    There is no sympathy for what they are experiencing with China, as far as I am concerned, this is their karma and they can eat it! Good riddance to them, the world will be a better place without their hatred and deception.

    1. Rubbos-2 says:

      Thank you for your testimony! We understand very deeply your experiences. Have you read the other blog posts on this blog? There are many powerful Spiritual Warriors fighting the lamas, and their black magic, with lasting success. God bless you abundantly!

      1. Frankie says:

        I am reading them right now. I thought it was just me, that I somehow deserved it…….but they really are wicked. Thank you for your website, it feels so good to get it off my chest.

  3. Frankie says:

    Thanks but no thanks. I don’t know you on a spiritual level and Ihave been working with the same group for a while now who are genuine. So, thanks for the offer but I am ok.

    1. Rubbos-2 says:

      I completely understand! After we left lamaism, never to return, we trusted no one, no man or woman, and although we searched for years in different traditions, for someone to help us to be free from the terrible damage they did to us, no human could help, genuine or not. We published our memoir in 2017: May your recovery and healing be swift, whichever path you are guided to travel.

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