Spiritual Terrorism and Sexual Predators in Tibetan Lamaism

It’s not just Sogyal ‘Rinpoche’ who is sexually and physically abusing, subjugating, shaming, stealing from, and controlling students, and deceiving the public. And it was not only the Chinese that perpetrated horrors upon the Tibetan people, prior to the 14th Dalai Lama fleeing Tibet: the Lamaists ruled their people with a cruelty that was breathtaking. 

The deception is deep. Take a leap of faith, and look beyond this veil of deception that has been woven around Tibetan Lamaism.

Almost all Tibetan lamas, including, yes, the Dalai Lama, are complicit in this trauma-based mind-control cult. The ancient foundational beliefs, practices and rituals of Tibetan Lamaism, still very much in play today, create the abuses, and the conditioned behavior of these abusive Lamaists (conditioned in them in the monasteries from childhood, by those who had been conditioned themselves as children in the monasteries), that has been perpetuated worldwide on deceived Westerners for decades, and on the Tibetan people for centuries) by these practitioners of Vajrayana Lamaism. Lamaism is a guru-worshipping cult based on a medieval sacerdotal Tantra (from Hinduism) culture of mind-control and sexual abuse, with countless demons, deities, ghosts, and spirits from the indigenous Bön sorcery, that uses a veneer of Buddhism to fool the public. 

The Lamaist use rituals, mantras and visualizations to conjure and control these demonic forces, for their personal gain. The ‘yakshas’ and ‘rakshas’ (their so-called ‘dharma-protectors’) that they worship are actually demons presented as holy deities or enlightened beings. 

Lamaism is ancient witchcraft and sorcery cloaked as ‘religion.’ Along with all of the macabre ritual items used in countless Lamaist rituals (dagger knives, lassos, human skull cups, etc.) the 14th Dalai Lama, to this day, uses dough ball divination, and consults a demon-possessed oracle, to determine courses of action on important matters. These are archaic, superstitious methods.  According to Victor and Victora Trimondi:  “In contrary to every democratic custom, the present Dalai Lama [to this day] consults with the Nechung Oracle, a monk who is possessed by a Mongolian war God, on all important state decisions.” 

  • According to Nancy Steinbeck (John Steinbeck, Jr.’s wife and a student, along with her husband, of Chogyam Trungpa), in her memoir, Trungpa shared with his students that when he was a young boy in the monastery in Tibet, he lost a close friend, and was grieving his death. Trungpa’s teachers fed him a piece of meat that turned out to be a piece of the flesh of his friend, and laughed at him while telling the young boy that it was a lesson in ‘impermanence.’ This is not love, compassion, kindness or wisdom.

It is indeed the very foundation of Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ (Lamaism) that creates the harm, with its centuries long practices of sorcery, rituals, trauma-based mind-control and sexual abuse, with the underpinning being the punitive, sociopathic, controlling guru/student relationship. The rape of young boys in the Lamaist monasteries, part of the centuries-long Lamaist system of trauma-based mind-control, is only now being reported in the West, but not to the extent it should be.

Trauma-based mind control is the root of their teachings, which many Lamaists do not deny, and which cannot be separated from their warped false ‘Buddhism,’ and has very little in common with the Buddhism of Siddhārtha Gautama. Buddha certainly didn’t teach to worship demons, or ‘god-kings’, in fact idolatry and sacerdotalism was expressly condemned by Buddha.

Many of the Tibetan ‘lamas’ that are revered as ‘god-kings’ by Tibetans and Westerners are ‘tulkus.’ Tulkus are supposed ‘reincarnate custodians’ of specific lineages of teachings in Tibetan Buddhism, ‘found’ and ‘recognized’ by the Lamaists of those lineages, who are taken as toddlers from their families and raised by men in a highly restrictive environment. These boys are given empowerments and trained from a young age by adult students of their predecessors, and are allowed little to no contact with their mothers, or other family members, and the outside world, for most of their childhood. Most, if not all, experience continual abuse, physical and sexual, in the monastic setting, as part of their training.

At the same time, the tulkus are raised to believe that they are, in fact, ‘god-kings,’ and they are taught that everyone in the world is expected to acknowledge their elevated status as ‘higher-realized beings.’

Among the most well-known current Tibetan ‘god-kings’ are the 14th Dalai Lama, the 17th Karmapas (at last count, there were three 17th Karmapas), Mingyur ‘Rinpoche’ and Ponlop ‘Rinpoche,’ Tai Situ, Thrangu, Gyaltsap and the late Sharmapa. There are many more, because there are now more ‘tulku’s of every lineage being recognized today than there ever were in Tibet before the 14th Dalai Lama fled Tibet in 1959.

These tulkus continue to be tightly controlled by the larger Lamaist system and its religious and rigid hierarchical bureaucracy that surrounds them. Mingyur ‘Rinpoche’ did manage to escape his handlers, and wandered around unseen for several years as a ‘yogi’, but he eventually returned to the Lamaist fold and took up where he left off.

  • These sad little boy-men, raised in an archaic belief system that is little changed from sixteenth century feudalistic Tibet, are released into the West, with little or no skills other than Lamaist practices and beliefs. Westerners (not very many Tibetans, though, their targets are the Westerners) flock to them, to worship them, and the deceived donate money, resources, and time, and even brain-space, and sometimes, willingly or unwillingly, their bodies for the ‘tantric’ sexual practices of these false teachers.  Many women, and even men, are ‘chosen’ as consorts for these Tibetan Lamas, and they are led to believe that they are special, engaging in secret sexual practices with the lamas that will lead to an elevated spiritual status and then enlightenment for these ‘chosen’, until they are discarded and forgotten by these ‘god-kings.’

Make no mistake, Lamaism is a thousand-year old, guru-worshiping cult that uses mindfulness and other contemplative practices, along with ancient and sophisticated techniques, to recruit, entrap and subjugate Westerners into the Tibetan Lama’s medieval, misogynistic world. A world where the Tibetan lamas can secretly keep harems of young women, cuckold the men, and financially, physically and spiritually exploit their students.

Many Lamaists, as Western scientists are eager to prove scientifically, are highly-trained experts in supernatural mind techniques. The Lamaists who have been studied were thought to be focusing their attention meditation on loving-kindness, but were they really? And do Western scientists have the same understanding of compassion and loving-kindness that the Lamaists have? As Christine Chandler writes in ‘Enthralled: The Guru Cult of Tibetan Buddhism,’ “Real compassion in these Tibetan Lamaist Tantric cults actually decreases over time. Lots of talk about compassion takes its place, without doing what’s needed to ameliorate real suffering around them. Compassion becomes more abstract with the Tibetan lama’s contemplative practices of ‘compassion’ where meditators imagine they are easing the suffering of the whole world, breathing it in and out, and soon no longer see real suffering in front of their faces.”

Through the four siddhis (powers) of pacification, subjugation, increase and wrath, Lamaists rigidly control their environment, their students, the public and each other: ‘Pacification’ rituals (students, perceived enemies and to control their deities); ‘Subjugation’ rituals (students, perceived enemies, deities, hungry ghosts, etc.); ‘Increase’ rituals (their powers and reach); ‘Wrath’ rituals (destruction and death).

Lamaists are adept at thought projection, emotion projection, dream penetration (spiritual rape), psychological abuse, sexual abuse, requiring of cognitive dysfunctional sleep deprivation during the three-year retreats and other retreats and rituals, and creating altered states of consciousness in their students through meditation, chanting of millions of mantras, and complex visualizations, to control and manipulate their students.

  • One of the principles in Tibetan Lamaism, spread widely in the West, is that there is ‘no good, no bad, no right, no wrong,’ that all actions of the Tibetan lamas are above all moral reckoning, and this belief has created terrible harm to many women, men and children, and has allowed behavior that to reasoning minds would be considered immoral and even criminal.

Long-time students of Sogyal ‘Rinpoche’ wrote a letter to Rigpa demanding that Sogyal stop his sexual, physical and emotional abuse of his thousands of students. In response, supported by Rigpa, two traditional Vajrayana teachers, Orgyen Tobgyal ‘Rinpoche’ and Khenpo Namdrol, in response to a letter sent to Rigpa by students of Sogyal, have recently and vigorously expressed their perspectives, absolving Sogyal Rinpoche of harm and placing the blame squarely on the students who have complained. Both of them gave teachings Rigpa centers where they admonished the student body.

In his lengthy teaching on samaya, Orgyen Tobgyal Rinpoche said things like:

  • Beating removes obstacles and brings blessings.
  • Beating hard increases wisdom.
  • When a lama has mastered great primordial wisdom, everything he does is for the benefit of sentient beings; whether it corresponds to Western ideas or not, if he kills someone, no problem.
  • When you feel hurt, there is no point to turn against the teacher because the real reason is that you don’t have enough merit.
  • The people who wrote the letter had wrong views and have broken their samaya with their teacher, who loved and cared for them.

Who in their rational minds would accept this mind-bending point of view, that murder is okay for Lamaists? Those who have been conditioned to believe that reality is all an illusion, there is no right, no wrong, and one’s Lamaist teacher’s actions are above mere human understanding and judgment. Creating deep guilt and shame in the students for breaking samaya (unbreakable vow) with an Asian man from another culture.

Not to mention the sociopathic belief that Tibetan lamas are above the laws of the (truly) compassionate countries that enfolded these ‘refugees’ and false teachers into their midst.

The lies of Lamaism are only active in one’s mind if one believes them.

We are here to wake up the usurped minds of Westerners, and the Tibetan lay people as well, and we ask our readers to examine deeply the flawed precepts, texts, beliefs and the incontrovertible harm done by Tibetan Lamaists, with open eyes, ears and hearts, and turn from the deception.

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