Incesto espiritual en nombre de Buda – Spiritual incest in the name of Buddha

More voices adding to informing the world about the devastating false-enlightenment mind-control cult of Tibetan Lamaism.

EducaSectas published an article, in Spanish, on the psychopath Sogyal Lakar (apparently the honorific ‘Rinpoche’ was self-bestowed) and the sexual, physical, psychological and spiritual abuse, and the damage he, his Tibetan Lamaist colleagues, and the deceived and mind-controlled ‘devotees’ worked hard over the decades to hide from the public.

The victims of Tibetan Lamaism are silent no longer, their voices are rising up and their truth is shredding the veil of deception woven over the West, that has allowed rational, reasonable, intelligent Western minds to be in constant states of cognitive dissonance and false beliefs, their ethics, morals and felt-sense of God distorted by the Tibetan Lamaist’s teachings, lies, thought-projections, emotion-projections.

From the blogpost:

  • The book (The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying) continued to be a powerful means to attract new followers. Among them was an Australian girl, who would later become a Buddhist nun, taking the name of Drolma. Drolma read Sogyal’s book for the first time when he was 21 years old. Two years later, with her life falling apart after an abortion and the breakup of a difficult relationship, she attended a retreat where Sogyal gave her teachings: “My life was at a point where I had no understanding of the suffering that was going through and being able to attend this activity gave me some answers, and some practical steps, such as meditation.”
  • In this way, she became more involved in Rigpa, traveling to Lerab Ling for retreats and facilitating study groups. In 2002, she turned her back on a flourishing career as an artist to become a nun: “There was an aspect of devotion towards the teacher that he felt very strong. I felt it like the fire of God’s love. And I chose Buddhism because I felt I had found an authentic example, someone I could follow. ” However, before taking the monastic vows, she had witnessed an example of Sogyal’s “crazy wisdom” when he publicly humiliated a follower during a teaching session. After the devoted follower had forgotten a detail without much importance, he put him on his knees on the floor and forced him to move from one side of the stage to the other on his knees and before the whole world, “the truth is that I felt uncomfortable , but I also thought he was very lucky to have the teacher’s full attention. “
  • All this work began to break in two to many followers, divided between adherence to the teachings but at the same time witnessing the growing abuse of power and sexual. In 2007, Sogyal introduced a program he called “Rigpa Therapy,” in which a number of qualified psychotherapists-who were also Rigpa students– were assigned to work on the doubts that the followers might have (and therefore, to control that there were no abandonments of the movement). Drolma was one of the followers who had to do “Rigpa therapy”. In his words, “the crucial point of each session was how Sogyal did all of that about me because I was supposedly somehow working with my previous reincarnations. The therapy revolved around how my difficulties had nothing to do with Sogyal. And that thanks to his blessing, he was healing me. “

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