Another long-time sex abuse scandal that is not getting the attention the victims – women, men and children – deserve.

This letter was sent to many of the brave reporters writing about the decades long sex abuse scandals:

Thank you for giving voice to the women harmed over the decades by [Harvey Weinstein and James Toback]. I hope that your brave reporting brings healing and restoration to these women, and to those who have yet to speak up.

I’m wondering if you are aware of another long-time sex abuse scandal that is not getting the attention the victims  – women, men and children  – deserve.

I am referring here to Tibetan Lamaism, which is incorrectly known to the world as ‘Tibetan Buddhism’.

There is nothing remotely resembling the Buddhism of Siddhārtha Gautama in Tibetan Lamaism, it is a guru-worshipping cult based on a medieval sacerdotal Tantra culture of mind-control and sexual abuse, with countless demons, deities and spirits, that uses a veneer of Buddhism to fool the public. The teachings of Tibetan Lamaism, if you look deeply, do not promote love, compassion and altruism, in fact, Lamaism is in reality Hindu Tantric guru-worship which morphed over the centuries into institutionalized sexual abuse of women and little boys in the lamaseries.

  • One of the principles in Tibetan Lamaism, spread widely in the West, is that there is ‘no right, no wrong, no good, no bad,’ that all actions of the Tibetan lamas are above all moral reckoning, and this belief has created terrible harm to many women, men and children, and has allowed behavior that to reasoning minds would be considered immoral and even criminal.

Thousands of women have been subjected to the sexual predations of Tibetan lamas, the behavior of these men cloaked as the superior, unquestionable ‘enlightened’ actions of ‘higher realized beings’ and the women ‘specially chosen’ and ‘honored’ to be manipulated, used sexually (even raped!) and then discarded.

A young Tibetan man, Kalo Rinpoche, who had been selected as a ‘tulku,’ detailed several years ago in a Youtube video the sexual abuse, rape and murder attempts against him by his Tibetan teachers. This activity, unfortunately, is not a ‘one-off’ in Tibetan monasteries:

June Campbell wrote a warning about Tibetan Lamaism and her experiences as a subjugated sexual consort of this young man’s ‘previous incarnation’ of Kalo Rinpoche, in ‘Traveler in Space,’ published in 1996. Although the book was well received, mostly in Europe, at the time it was published, it has mostly been ignored since.


Christine Chandler recently published her expose, ‘Enthralled, The Guru-Cult of Tibetan Buddhism,’ based on her 30 years in Tibetan Lamaism, and her book is very detailed and well-researched.


My husband and I also wrote and published our memoir/testimony, ‘Exposing Deeds of Darkness,’ on what we experienced during our 14 years in Tibetan Lamaism, from a slightly different perspective, as we were plucked out of the harm we had been experiencing by what we later came to know was the hand of God.



Adele Wilde-Blavatsky wrote an article about the prevalence of sexual abuse of boys in Tibetan monasteries. An excerpt from her article: “In October 2011, a famous and highly-respected reincarnate Tibetan Buddhist master, Kalu Rinpoche, posted a Youtube video in which he reveals the abuse he suffered as a young monk at the hands of adult monks in his monastery. Rinpoche’s allegations caused shockwaves within the Tibetan Buddhist community (particularly his western students). Since that time, I have not heard any Tibetan Buddhist teacher (especially those connected with Kalu Rinpoche) publicly respond to his allegations, let alone suggest there be a formal investigation and those responsible brought to account. One can only hope Kalu Rinpoche’s video exposure of this serious issue has not gone to waste and been brushed under the carpet in the hope that people might forget about it. Rinpoche recently gave an interview in which he details the rape he suffered.

Although Western adherents of Tibetan Lamaism are finally acknowledging that people have been and are still being harmed by Tibetan lamas, and they claim to be addressing the harm, it is lip service only. In an article published in Lion’s Roar, “Confronting Abuse of Power,” published in 2014, a Western woman ‘lama,’ Lama Palden (Caroline Alioto), a student of the ‘previous’ and ‘current’ Kalo Rinpoche, acknowledges in this interview that the sexual abuse of minors is rampant in the Tibetan monasteries, but she did not say that she was working to end the rapes, beatings and abuses of these children, and to reform the monastic system.

Victor and Victoria Trimondi, previously the 14th Dalai Lama’s students and publishers, have been warning the public for decades about the disturbing truth of Tibetan Lamaism, after they became disillusioned and dug deep in their research:

I know that there are many in the academic, arts and entertainment industries who are students and supporters of Tibetan lamas and Tibetan Lamaism, who may be very upset at any articles on this sexual abuse scandal. I hope that you will continue your good work in exposing the evil done to innocents in our world.

Thank you.

Cheryl Lynne Rubbo

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